Backend Developer (Nodejs)

Job description

As a backend developer, you’re not afraid of trying new technologies, but have a firm understanding of what it takes to build well-tested, rock solid software. You know the value of sticking to a plan, and can quickly iterate to get to your goal. You have a relentless drive to master your craft. You like working in a team, both with and for clients with large ambitions, and you know exactly why it’s great to use Javascript on the client AND on the server. At wearereasonablepeople, you’ll get all the the creative freedom you need to deliver your best work.

What we are looking for

  • You have a good understanding of the Node.js environment
  • You know your way around automatic deployment processes
  • You have a good understanding of docker
  • You know how to automate testing your code and you write your code to accommodate it
  • You have experience working with different types of databases
  • You are proficient at working with git
  • You are proficient at working with unix shell
  • You work according to - and guard - our quality standards
  • You play well with our international team and love to share your knowledge
  • You have great communication skills and a personality to compliment your talent
  • You know about the functional paradigm and understand how it differs from OOP
  • A Github account (or similar) where we can see your work is a plus
  • Participation in open-source projects is a plus

What we offer

  • A friendly and international team that will inspire, challenge and help you grow professionally
  • Opportunities to work remotely (hybrid work)
  • Pension accrual
  • Travel allowance
  • 25 vacation days per year + 8% holiday pay

Apply for the job

Do you want to join our team as our new NodeJs Developer? Then we'd love to hear about you!